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New Blog


New Work

The Guide, oil on linen panel, 2013

This was really fun to paint.


Just Finished

untitled, oil on linen panel, 5" X 7", 2013

I don't have a title for this one. Can you help?


On the Easel - Stump

oil on linen panel, 6" X 8", 2013

Just finished a small work for an upcoming show with the theme of 'green'. It is also a study for a more complicated work that I am kicking around.


The Pugilist

8" X 10", oil on linen panel, 2013

Finally finishing a new painting. Feels good. Teaching at the university has zapped much of my painting time. This piece was inspired by watching a mixed martial art bout. Hence the cauliflower ear.


Here is a little slideshow made during the creation of a recent painting. I took a photo every 5 minutes during the painting phase of the project. Approximate elapsed painting time was 9 hours. Next time I will set the camera at a better angle.


oil on paper, 8" X 10", 2012

Here is a piece that was started early last year. I had worked on a larger painted version but was never satisfied with how it was turning out, so it got shelved. Over the holiday break I took it up again. I scrapped the painting and started over. I worked much smaller and kept the color palette much tighter. Here is the result.


Comp Sketches

Death of the Nightingale
preparatory sketch and finished painting, 11" X 14", 2012

So how detailed should a compositional sketch be before starting a painting? Well, I guess that all depends on your personal working method and the circumstances behind the piece you are producing. A plein air painting does not need much fussing over but this is different. I like to have a fairly resolved drawing to help me organize the picture space, value patterns and details. Unless I am unclear in my mind about color I generally do not do color comps. On the left is the drawing for the painting on the right. I spent time researching birds (nightingales), traditional British arrows and Northern European Renaissance painting. I had a loose thumbnail drawing in my sketchbook that I was working with for design. Once the images had been gathered, I drew my comp drawing to the size of the final. I like a quality drawing paper for this process as it withstands my constant erasing and redrawing. Once the image 'feels' right I go ahead and transfer the image to my painting support and complete the painting.


Inspiration - Hans Memling

Portrait of a Man with Roman Coin, ca. 1480

A number of years ago I saw a wonderful show of portraits by Hans Memling, held at the Frick Museum in New York. Wonderful work!


Good Tidings

oil on paper, 7" X 9 1/2", 2012

This year marks a first. I decided to do a painting for the family Christmas card. It has, of course, taken longer than planned and I still haven't sent the image to the printer. Here is a preview of the work, the angel announcing to birth of the Christ to the shepherds.
I am following my recent process of working from memory or imagination and really had a wonderful time painting.

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